Glamour Goth Earring Palette Mould,3mm Thick

Glamour Goth Earring Palette Mould,3mm Thick

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Welcome to Tawny Supplies.

You will receive a MOULD of this design, No blanks will be sent.

Mould: Glamour Goth Earring  Palette Mould
Piece Thickness: 3mm
Piece Size: 40 to 44 mm at their longest points.
Detail: Engraved

Mould Colour: Please choose between coloured or Clear for UV

Dispatch: 5-7 working days. All moulds are made to order.

Appearance: The mould you get many differ slightly in placement of the blanks as they are all handmade.

All moulds are handmade and as such can have tiny imperfections which is the nature of resin casting. Some edges may need to be domed depending on your finished desire.