Serial Killer 2 Palette Mould Blank With Housing

Serial Killer 2 Palette Mould Blank With Housing

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Welcome to Tawny Supplies!

All Blanks are made to order: 
Please allow 2-3 weeks to cut and post out the Acrylic Blanks.

Thickness available are:
3mm Thick Clear Acrylic Engraved Earring Blanks. Pieces are 20 to 30mm in size on their longest edge.

This item come with housing built in : 3 layers of acrylic (3mm wall x2 + 3mm base).
The finished mould will be a minimum of 6mm Thick. For ease of removal from the case, overfill your mould so it has a brim and use the brim to remove it.

Pre-Assembled:  I will assemble and glue your items and Housing together prior to being shipped.

Blanks may be shipped with protective tape still attached but this is easily peeled off.